Is it the right time to start a new digital agency company?

    Sep 8, 2020

    New journey, true experiences and what the road to success really looks.

    Is it the right time to start a new digital agency?

    Today is April 24th, 2020 and I'm a little bored during the Coronavirus pandemic.

    Who am I?

    I'm Makho Kituashvili from Georgia (a small country in the center of Europe-Asia and a neighbor of Turkey, Armenia and Azerbaijan.) I'm half a businessman and half an entrepreneur. As an ambitious person, I'm trying to improve my other undiscovered skills, but right now it's too early to say what's going to happen and how my career is going to change.

    How to start a Digital Agency?

    It's 2020 if you google 'how to start a digital agency' you'll find Udemy 's Advertising courses on building a digital marketing agency from scratch, and a lot of blogs that teach you the secrets and steps of building an agency. Here you will see. We have the very same condition on the next pages. Most of them have been published by copywriters, experts, etc. No matter how you try to browse, the results will be close. These contents are often different from the facts. It’s one of the main purposes of starting blogging and producing meaningful content step by step, based on real experience. I'm going to be pleased if one of my posts is going to motivate somebody in the future to be successful or to accomplish any goals. Let 's make a fun story journey together.

    The main reason to start a Digital Agency

    With the emergence of digital technology, every company and method around the world seems to have begun to digitize. Almost everybody, not limited to digitization, is finding new ways to work with digital resources. I 'm working on a different kind of project, but digital space is where I want to be and create a good project from scratch.

    Interesting facts about Digital Agencies

    I've been looking for some fascinating information about the new organizations. It will be a good deal for you to see how rapidly the growth of the industry is rising.

    Solo Founder?

    Founding a company isn't as simple as it looks, particularly if you might be a solo founder. You need to make endless choices while simultaneously improving the business from scratch to something. However, there are several pros and cons.

    Being a lone creator can be very challenging in today's world situation. Often I think it's a lot easier to be a lone entrepreneur to create a business from scratch. But in today 's truth, when times are rough, it might be a lot more convenient to have co-founders.

    At the initial stage of the company, the founders play a key role in success. The biggest pile of new businesses or startups would fail due to a poor combination of founders. Today, I'm planning to start on my own while seeking some interesting creative people in my group for a long-term game. I might be very happy with the role of CTO, the CEO at the moment. Overall, solo founding doesn't mean you 're on your own.


    There are more financing opportunities for businesses and start-ups now than ever before. Often a hot topic of conversation is the best way to invest. My response is: you need to find the best form of financing, depending on the demand and customers, when answering two questions:

    ● Why do you need money for this?

    ● After financing, what will be your value proposition?

    Since my aim is to build a profitable marketing agency, not a start-up! In the initial stage, I will use the funding strategy of Bootstrapping. For better clarity, Bootstrapping means for me creating a business with personal money, personal time, luck and first sales.

    The benefit of bootstrapping some of the big ones is sustainability, equity and decision making. Bootstrapping will take a lot longer time to develop than other methods, but this is an appropriate method for me.

    Strategic Planning

    Strategic Planning is to set the company objectives and prepare how to achieve them. In actual strategic planning, there is a much broader topic with various types of elements, but we don't need them all at the initial level. The plan needs to change and be improved every time the business expands.

    We need to set objectives and the way to achieve them, as I described. Now our goal is to make initial sales and be successful. If we're going to bootstrap our business, we need sales, sales and sales! It doesn't matter how nice your digital agency website, advertisement or the like is. You need to find a way to make your first sale, maybe through freelance sites, FB groups, cold emails, word of mouth or cold calls. Nobody can tell you the secret sauce or the exact process of first sale, because every time it's unique and different.

    I expect to use all of the channels listed for the first sale. By the way, I have a lot of people on my network who know my skills, maybe one of them would be my first sale. It will potentially be my first selling benefit.


    Team matters are one of the most important things, particularly when you're planning to provide service to the client. I'm a full-stack developer with a particular kind of coding language and application experience. It's going to be my little Swiss knife for me at the start of the business. Though, I have a great working experience with UX graphics and UX designers, digital marketers, software engineers, and so on. Luckily, my experience will benefit me a lot and improve my chances of success. At the initial point, it would be much easier to recruit team participants on the basis of assignments.


    It was my first blog with a very basic style of writing in English. I've never written a blog before, I hope my writing skills can improve on any blog.

    It's also easier to start blogging after success without fear of failure. But it's going to be a much more exciting experience for me to share anything from day one.

    Hire us, I or We will respond to you in less than 12 hours.

    Please write a comment on your thoughts and join me on my new journey.

    Makho Kituashvili


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